$AEAD/44717:   Continue Expression

Jump from $AE9C:

AEAD: C9 2E     CMP #$2E
AEAF: F0 DE     BEQ $AE8F     ; Evaluate Single Term
AEB1: C9 AB     CMP #$AB
AEB3: F0 58     BEQ $AF0D     ; Set up NOT Function
AEB5: C9 AA     CMP #$AA
AEB7: F0 D1     BEQ $AE8A     ; Evaluate Single Term
AEB9: C9 22     CMP #$22

Jump from $ABC3:

AEBD: A5 7A     LDA $7A       ; Pointer: Current Byte of BASIC Text
AEBF: A4 7B     LDY $7B       ; Pointer: Current Byte of BASIC Text
AEC1: 69 00     ADC #$00
AEC3: 90 01     BCC $AEC6
AEC5: C8        INY

Jump from $AEC3:

AEC6: 20 87 B4  JSR $B487     ; Set Up String
AEC9: 4C E2 B7  JMP $B7E2     ; Convert ASCII String to Flpt

Jump from $AEBB:

AECC: C9 A8     CMP #$A8
AECE: D0 13     BNE $AEE3
AED0: A0 18     LDY #$18
AED2: D0 3B     BNE $AF0F     ; Set up NOT Function
AED4: 20 BF B1  JSR $B1BF     ; FAC#1 to Positive Integer
AED7: A5 65     LDA $65       ; FAC Mantissa
AED9: 49 FF     EOR #$FF
AEDB: A8        TAY
AEDC: A5 64     LDA $64       ; FAC Mantissa
AEDE: 49 FF     EOR #$FF
AEE0: 4C 91 B3  JMP $B391     ; Convert Integer in (AC/YR) to Flpt

Jump from $AECE:

AEE3: C9 A5     CMP #$A5
AEE5: D0 03     BNE $AEEA
AEE7: 4C F4 B3  JMP $B3F4     ; Perform [fn]

Jump from $AEE5:

AEEA: C9 B4     CMP #$B4
AEEC: 90 03     BCC $AEF1     ; Expression in Brackets
AEEE: 4C A7 AF  JMP $AFA7     ; Identify Function Type

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