$B1BF/45503:   FAC#1 to Positive Integer

Jump from $A9C7, $AED4, $AFED, $AFFF, $B1AA:

B1BF: A5 61     LDA $61       ; FAC Exponent
B1C1: C9 90     CMP #$90
B1C3: 90 09     BCC $B1CE
B1C5: A9 A5     LDA #$A5
B1C7: A0 B1     LDY #$B1
B1C9: 20 5B BC  JSR $BC5B     ; Compare FAC#1 With Memory

Jump from $B1BD:

B1CC: D0 7A     BNE $B248     ; ?ILLEGAL QUANTITY

Jump from $B1C3:

B1CE: 4C 9B BC  JMP $BC9B     ; Convert FAC#1 to Integer

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