$AE83/44675:   Evaluate Single Term

Jump from $ADB1, $B643:

AE83: 6C 0A 03  JMP ($030A)   ; Vector: BASIC Token evaluation
AE86: A9 00     LDA #$00
AE88: 85 0D     STA $0D       ; Data type Flag

Jump from $AEB7:

AE8A: 20 73 00  JSR $0073     ; CHRGET: Get next Byte of BASIC Text
AE8D: B0 03     BCS $AE92

Jump from $AEAF:

AE8F: 4C F3 BC  JMP $BCF3     ; Convert ASCII String to a Number in FAC

Jump from $AE8D:

AE92: 20 13 B1  JSR $B113     ; Does A hold an alphabetic character?
AE95: 90 03     BCC $AE9A
AE97: 4C 28 AF  JMP $AF28     ; Search for Variable

Jump from $AE95:

AE9A: C9 FF     CMP #$FF
AE9C: D0 0F     BNE $AEAD     ; Continue Expression
AE9E: A9 A8     LDA #$A8
AEA0: A0 AE     LDY #$AE
AEA2: 20 A2 BB  JSR $BBA2     ; Load FAC#1 From Memory
AEA5: 4C 73 00  JMP $0073     ; CHRGET: Get next Byte of BASIC Text

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 BIT $AE91   : $F51B