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Interesting Tools/Hardware
  • Lunix Next Generation - an Unix like Operation System for 6502 CPUs
  • Contiki - an Operating System for 8 BIT CPUs largely written in C
  • GEOS - Graphical Environment Operating System for the C64 (now free downloadable)
  • cc65 - a C-Compiler suite for the 6502 family (has also a powerful macro assembler)
  • prlink - program to transfer data between C64 (and attached C1541) and PC (supports different Cable Types)
  • disk2d64, (alternative server) - program to read D64 images from C64 & C1541 (uses speedloader)
  • opencbm - program to read disk images directly from C1541
  • 1541emu - emulates a C1541 device on a PC under DOS (uses ec64 routines). With a special adapter you can connect a C64 and use your PC as a real Floppy
  • reSID - a very accurate SID emulator
  • cbmconvert - converts between different C64 disk and tape formats
  • Catweasel MK3, MK4 - this is a special floppy controller on a PCI card. It is able to read nearly all available floppy disk formats. Look here for a linux driver.

Other Emulators
  • CCS64 - very popular C64 emulator (current versions only for DOS/Windows)
  • Hoxs64 - a Commodore 64 emulator for Windows with DirectX7 or higher (cycle exact).
  • VICE - Versatile Commodore Emulator. Emulates C64 & C1541 (cycle exact), C128, Plus4 and more (ported to many platforms)
  • Come Back 64 - emulates C64 only (no C1541), but fast and portable (seems to be offline)
  • Frodo - another cycle exact C64 emulator
  • UAE - ( Unix | Ultimate | Ubiquitous | UAE | U* ) Amiga Emulator
  • MAME - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
  • MESS - Multi Emulator Super System
  • look here for an extensive overview of available emulators under Linux or search the News/Portal/Link Sites for other emulators

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