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The C64 was a very popular home computer in the 1980's and early 1990's. From todays point of view, the C64 looks like a toy (no harddisk or floppy built in [you had to buy an extra device usually a C1541 floppy disk drive], 64 KB RAM, 6510 Microprocessor clocked with 1 MHz, high resolution graphics with 320x200). But in the good old days the users had much fun with this machine ;-)

Although there are very good C64 emulators already available, i've started my own emulator project in July 1999, called ec64 (emulated C64). It behaves like a C64 with an attached C1541. The emulation works cycle oriented. At the moment ec64 runs under Linux on x86 architectures only. As the date of the latest news suggests the development of ec64 stalled. Unfortunately i haven't the time to work on it.

Furthermore you will find here collected documents from the net about C64 technical details.

Latest News
  • ec64-0.17-20031221 released
  • ec64bootdisk-0.04-20031221 released
  • site moved from mars.wiwi.uni-halle.de to unusedino.de

  • ec64-0.17-20020914 released
  • ec64bootdisk-0.04-20020914 released
  • Simon N Goodwin informed me that his article about C64 emulators is now available online

  • ec64-0.17-20011013 released
  • ec64bootdisk-0.04-20011013 released

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