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If you want to compile ec64 on your own you need nasm-0.98, there seem to float some versions around the net which won't work for ec64. They generate broken object files, so ec64 immediately crashes after start. I use this version of nasm, which works fine for me.
The ec64 tarball: latest version is ec64-0.17-20031221.tar.gz
  • this .tar.gz file contains the ec64 source and a precompiled binary
  • View the README file
  • Read the ec64 documentation for installation instructions (also included in the ec64 tarball)
  • download the ec64 tarball

The ec64 bootdisk: latest version is ec64bootdisk-0.04-20031221.zip
  • this .zip file contains the diskimage + a DOS program to write this image to a 1.44 MB floppy disk + a README file with detailed information. UN*X users should execute dd to write the diskimage to floppy. It is also a good idea to view the README from emulator.
  • download the ec64 bootdisk

Old official releases