Welcome to the Linux Assembly website!

If you are looking for information on assembly programming under UNIX-like operating systems (Linux/BSD/BeOS/etc), this is the right place to be. Here you can find various resources, ranging from tutorials and documentation, to actual programs written in assembly language. As time passes, we will try to provide as much information on the subject as possible, so stay tuned.

We will eventually provide information on assembly programming under different platforms: IA32 (x86), IA64 (Itanium), x86-64, SPARC, Alpha, or whatever platform we find contributors for. Like any open project, we depend upon volunteers and contributors: if you have the knowledge we would like you to share it with the rest of the community. Although now most (but not all) material here is devoted to IA32 platform, information on other platforms is gladly accepted as well!

So, what is UNIX assembly programming? Well, one tells you it is a nightmare. Or that it is obsolete, because of hardware platform dependence and difficulty. Or whatever else..

Here you will find that writing UNIX assembly programs is simple and even has several advantages. However it is true that this is not for everyone. Mainly this site is for crazy hackers who always do everything in pure assembly :) We assume you are familiar with assembly language and with UNIX and have some programming experience; our goal is to give you the very secret lore and lift the shroud of mystery over UNIX assembly programming.

You may want to read the site's history and credits, legal notice, and contact us with any suggestions you might have. Russian users: история данного сайта может быть интересна русскоязычным хакерам.

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The master site is http://asm.sourceforge.net

You can also download a compressed tarball of the whole site.

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