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Section 2
"All about your C64, C1541, C1581"
taken fromwww.the-dreams.de/aay.html
C64, SX64 ROM Images
taken fromftp.funet.fi/pub/cbm/
  • 251913-01.bin - Commodore 64c BASIC and KERNAL, a 23128 ROM chip composed from the 901226-01 BASIC and 901227-03 KERNAL ROMs.
  • 390852-01.bin - Commodore 64GS BASIC and KERNAL, a 27128 EPROM chip from a West German machine DA5 016014E, assy no. 250469, 252311 rev.B. The chip has the label (c) 1984, 90 CBM / 390852-01 / C64GS ROM CS=DF34. The BASIC part is otherwise normal, but it uses fill byte $00 instead of $AA. The KERNAL has been modified from the 901227-03, and most modifications are in the area $F72C-$FC92, which also contains a copyright message. Many jumps have been changed to $FB4D, which in turn jumps to $F707, which in turn causes I/O error #5.
  • 901226-01.bin - Commodore 64 BASIC V2. The first and only revision.
  • 901225-01.bin - The character generator ROM.
  • 901246-01.bin - Commodore PET64 or 4064 KERNAL. With black & white startup colors, and with a different bootup message. Machines with color monitors used the standard Commodore 64 KERNAL ROM.
  • 901227-01.bin - Commodore 64 KERNAL ROM Revision 1. The RS-232 timing table is designed for exactly 1 MHz system clock frequency, although no C64 runs at that clock rate. Ripped from a very old American C64.
  • 901227-02.bin - Commodore 64 KERNAL ROM Revision 2. Can be found on 1982 and 1983 models.
  • 901227-03.bin - Commodore 64 KERNAL ROM Revision 3. The last revision, also used in the C128's C64 mode.
  • 251104-04.bin - Commodore SX64/DX64 KERNAL. With different startup colors, and tape routines disabled.
C1540, C1541, C1541C, C1541-II ROM Images
taken fromftp.funet.fi/pub/cbm/
  • 325302-01.bin - The ROM chip for $c000-$dfff. This seems to be the same on all models before the 1541-II.
  • 325303-01.bin - The firmware of an 1540 (the drive that the C64 wouldn't keep up with). The revision number might be something else than -01. A speciality of this chip is the power-up message: 73,CBM DOS V2.6 V170,00,00. Did Commodore want to call the drive V170 first? The ROM checksum is correct. The long-board 1541 had the same hardware as the 1540; this upper ROM was the only difference. The lower ROM was 325302-01 on both drives.
  • 251968-03.bin - 1541-II firmware. Released in 1987.
  • 901229-01.bin - This is believed to be the first revision of the 1541 firmware. The service manual says that this ROM is for North America and Japan only. According to it, a 901229-02 also exists, but not in North America. 901229-03 is said to be the first version that is usable in Europe.
  • 901229-02.bin - Second version of the 1541 firmware. Two delay loops are shorter than in 901229-03, and the checksum byte at $fee6 has been adjusted accordingly.
  • 901229-03.bin - The firmware of an old-style 1541 with long board. This ROM has an autobooting feature: if CLK and DATA are held low during bootup, the drive will wait for them to raise, and execute a "&*" command.
  • 901229-05.bin - The firmware of an old-style 1541 with short board.
  • 251968-01.bin - The firmware of an old-style 1541 in white case. This drive was introduced around the same time with the C128 and the 1570, to make it look like the C128 and the 1570, which was also in a white 1541-style case. The C128 was also white. This drive has an optical track 1 sensor, but it won't be used unless the jumper J3 on the board is cut. The $c000-$dfff part of this chip is identical to the 325302-01 ROM.
  • 251968-02.bin - An upgrade ROM for the 1541C. There are patches in both 8k halves.