$FC57/64599:   Write Tape Leader

Jump from $FBE0:

FC57: C6 BE     DEC $BE       ; Tape Input/Output Block count
FC59: D0 03     BNE $FC5E
FC5B: 20 CA FC  JSR $FCCA     ; Stop Tape Motor

Jump from $FC59:

FC5E: A9 50     LDA #$50
FC60: 85 A7     STA $A7       ; Tape temporary
FC62: A2 08     LDX #$08
FC64: 78        SEI
FC65: 20 BD FC  JSR $FCBD     ; Set IRQ Vector
FC68: D0 EA     BNE $FC54     ; IRQ Entry Point
FC6A: A9 78     LDA #$78
FC6C: 20 AF FB  JSR $FBAF     ; Send Tone to Tape
FC6F: D0 E3     BNE $FC54     ; IRQ Entry Point
FC71: C6 A7     DEC $A7       ; Tape temporary
FC73: D0 DF     BNE $FC54     ; IRQ Entry Point
FC75: 20 97 FB  JSR $FB97     ; New Character Setup
FC78: C6 AB     DEC $AB       ; RS232 Input parity/Tape temporary
FC7A: 10 D8     BPL $FC54     ; IRQ Entry Point
FC7C: A2 0A     LDX #$0A
FC7E: 20 BD FC  JSR $FCBD     ; Set IRQ Vector
FC81: 58        CLI
FC82: E6 AB     INC $AB       ; RS232 Input parity/Tape temporary
FC84: A5 BE     LDA $BE       ; Tape Input/Output Block count
FC86: F0 30     BEQ $FCB8     ; Set IRQ Vector
FC88: 20 8E FB  JSR $FB8E     ; Reset Tape Pointer
FC8B: A2 09     LDX #$09
FC8D: 86 A5     STX $A5       ; Tape Synchronising count down
FC8F: 86 B6     STX $B6       ; RS232 Output Byte Buffer/Tape Read Error Flag
FC91: D0 83     BNE $FC16     ; IRQ Entry Point

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