$FB97/64407:   New Character Setup

Jump from $F8A8, $FA60, $FC16, $FC75:

FB97: A9 08     LDA #$08
FB99: 85 A3     STA $A3       ; Serial Bus EOI (End Of Input) Flag
FB9B: A9 00     LDA #$00
FB9D: 85 A4     STA $A4       ; Serial Bus shift Counter
FB9F: 85 A8     STA $A8       ; RS232 Input Bit count/Tape temporary
FBA1: 85 9B     STA $9B       ; Parity of Byte Output to Tape
FBA3: 85 A9     STA $A9       ; RS232 Flag: Start Bit check/Tape temporary
FBA5: 60        RTS

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