$E6ED/59117:   Retreat Cursor

Jump from $E6F2, $E595:

E6ED: B5 D9     LDA $D9,X     ; Screen Line Link Table
E6EF: 30 03     BMI $E6F4
E6F1: CA        DEX
E6F2: D0 F9     BNE $E6ED

Jump from $E6EF:

E6F4: 4C F0 E9  JMP $E9F0     ; Set Start of Line

Jump from $E6C3:

E6F7: C6 D6     DEC $D6       ; Current Screen Line number of Cursor
E6F9: 20 7C E8  JSR $E87C     ; Go to Next Line
E6FC: A9 00     LDA #$00
E6FE: 85 D3     STA $D3       ; Cursor Column on current Line

Jump from $E6BF:

E700: 60        RTS

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