$FE0E/65038:   Write $55 10240 times

Jump from $FCAE:

FE0E: AD 0C 1C  LDA $1C0C
FE11: 29 1F     AND #$1F
FE13: 09 C0     ORA #$C0        ; switch PCR to writing
FE15: 8D 0C 1C  STA $1C0C
FE18: A9 FF     LDA #$FF
FE1A: 8D 03 1C  STA $1C03       ; port A to output (write head)
FE1D: A9 55     LDA #$55        ; %01010101
FE1F: 8D 01 1C  STA $1C01       ; to port A (write head)
FE22: A2 28     LDX #$28
FE24: A0 00     LDY #$00

Jump from $FE26, $FE2A, $FE2D:

FE26: 50 FE     BVC $FE26       ; byte ready for write electronics
FE28: B8        CLV
FE29: 88        DEY
FE2A: D0 FA     BNE $FE26       ; 10240 times
FE2C: CA        DEX
FE2D: D0 F7     BNE $FE26
FE2F: 60        RTS

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