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cw is (yet another) package for the Catweasel controller, look below for other existing packages. This package is especially for accessing the floppy drives connected to Catweasel. Currently the following cards are supported:

  • MK2 (connected to an IDE controller)
  • MK3 (PCI card)
  • MK4 (PCI card)
  • MK4plus (PCI card)
cw consists of a kernel driver and a companion user space program (cwtool). The kernel driver should work with Linux 2.4.x, 2.6.x and 3.x. Look at the homepage of the manufacturer Individual Computers for more details about the controller features. Please read also the man page for some hardware oddities you should know about, before complaining that something does not work as expected.

There are at least 6 other Linux drivers for the Catweasel controller:

Written by Dirk Jagdmann. A Linux driver for SID, Joysticks and Amiga keyboard.
Written by Michael Krause. A Linux driver for accessing the floppies on a Catweasel controller. This driver exports block devices, so you are able to mount Amiga disks under Linux. Currently it supports Amiga and MSDOS disks (and C1541 with a patch written by me). To support more formats i found it more useful to use another method to export data to user space, thats why i started my own driver. Instead of a block device cw uses a char device and passes the raw Catweasel data to the calling program, so all format routines do not reside in the kernel driver anymore.
Written by Jarno Paananen and Simon White. A Linux driver for the Hardsidcards and the SID-Chips on Catweasel MK3 and MK4.
Written by Antti Lankila. This driver only contains support for Catweasel MK4 cards and is a rework of the hardsid driver.
Written by Tim Mann. A Linux driver (other platforms are also supported) for accessing the floppies on a Catweasel Controller, especially TRS80 related formats are supported. This package does not use a kernel driver to access the Catweasel controller, but you should avoid using this program when a kernel driver from another package is loaded.
Adapted version of cw2dmk by Jay Jaeger based on some work by Jim Battle, especially for hard sectored disks.

The README included in the cw tarball contains more information.