YAWICA stands for Yet Another Wavelet based Image Compression Algorithm, it is the result of my diploma thesis. This source code is for educational purposes only and not for any commercial application. So it is neither optimized for speed nor does it accept other image material than PGM images with 256 grey levels. It is intended for photo realistic images and will give a poor performance on bilevel ones. Here some PSNR-values in dB for different images transformed with the 9/7-wavelet with 0.5 bpp in comparsion to SPIHT and EBCOT.

lena.pgm512x512  37.25 dB  37.32 dB  37.68 dB
barbara.pgm512x512  31.40 dB  32.31 dB  32.25 dB
goldhill.pgm512x512  33.13 dB  33.24 dB  33.49 dB
mandrill.pgm512x512  25.65 dB  25.58 dB  25.82 dB
bike.pgm2048x2560  33.01 dB  33.55 dB  33.66 dB
cafe.pgm2048x2560  26.49 dB  26.84 dB  27.24 dB
woman.pgm2048x2560  33.59 dB  33.65 dB  33.95 dB

The README included in the yawica tarball contains more information.