$AB3B/43835:   Output Format Character

Jump from $AAC5, $AB19, $AC00:

AB3B: A5 13     LDA $13       ; File number of current Input Device
AB3D: F0 03     BEQ $AB42
AB3F: A9 20     LDA #$20
AB41: 2C        .BYTE $2C

Jump from $AB3D:

AB42: A9 1D     LDA #$1D
AB44: 2C        .BYTE $2C

Jump from $A451, $ABFD, $AC47:

AB45: A9 3F     LDA #$3F

Jump from $A45B, $A6F3, $A73D, $AAD9, $AAE2, $AB2D:

AB47: 20 0C E1  JSR $E10C     ; Output Character
AB4A: 29 FF     AND #$FF
AB4C: 60        RTS

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