$EFCF/61391:   Erase bit for sector in BAM entry

Jump from $EF5F, $EF93:

EFCF: 20 11 F0  JSR $F011       ; find BAM field for this track
EFD2: 98        TYA
EFD3: 85 6F     STA $6F

Jump from $F214:

EFD5: A5 81     LDA $81         ; sector
EFD7: 4A        LSR
EFD8: 4A        LSR             ; divide by 8
EFD9: 4A        LSR
EFDA: 38        SEC
EFDB: 65 6F     ADC $6F
EFDD: A8        TAY             ; byte number in BAM entry
EFDE: A5 81     LDA $81         ; sector number
EFE0: 29 07     AND #$07
EFE2: AA        TAX             ; bit number in BAM entry
EFE3: B1 6D     LDA ($6D),Y     ; byte in BAM
EFE5: 3D E9 EF  AND $EFE9,X     ; erase bit for corresponding sector
EFE8: 60        RTS

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