$EA6E/60014:   Flash LED for hardware defects, self-test

Jump from $EAB5, $EABE, $EAC4:

EA6E: A2 00     LDX #$00        ; blink once, zero page
EA70: 2C        .BYTE $2C

Jump from $EB1F:

EA71: A6 6F     LDX $6F         ; blink X+1 times for RAM/ROM err
EA73: 9A        TXS

Jump from $EA9E:

EA74: BA        TSX

Jump from $EA98:

EA75: A9 08     LDA #$08        ; select LED bit in the port
EA77: 0D 00 1C  ORA $1C00
EA7A: 4C EA FE  JMP $FEEA       ; turn LED on, back to $EA7D

Jump from $FEF0:

EA7D: 98        TYA

Jump from $EA84:

EA7E: 18        CLC

Jump from $EA81:

EA7F: 69 01     ADC #$01
EA81: D0 FC     BNE $EA7F
EA83: 88        DEY
EA84: D0 F8     BNE $EA7E
EA86: AD 00 1C  LDA $1C00
EA89: 29 F7     AND #$F7        ; turn LED off
EA8B: 8D 00 1C  STA $1C00

Jump from $EA9C:

EA8E: 98        TYA

Jump from $EA95:

EA8F: 18        CLC

Jump from $EA92:

EA90: 69 01     ADC #$01
EA92: D0 FC     BNE $EA90       ; delay loop
EA94: 88        DEY
EA95: D0 F8     BNE $EA8F
EA97: CA        DEX
EA98: 10 DB     BPL $EA75
EA9A: E0 FC     CPX #$FC
EA9C: D0 F0     BNE $EA8E       ; wait for delay
EA9E: F0 D4     BEQ $EA74

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