$E6AB/59051:   Convert BCD to 2-Ascii (error message buffer)

Jump from $E6D1:

E6AB: AA        TAX
E6AC: 4A        LSR
E6AD: 4A        LSR             ; shift hi-nibble down
E6AE: 4A        LSR
E6AF: 4A        LSR
E6B0: 20 B4 E6  JSR $E6B4       ; convert to ASCII
E6B3: 8A        TXA

Jump from $E6B0:

E6B4: 29 0F     AND #$0F        ; erase top 4 bits
E6B6: 09 30     ORA #$30        ; add '0'
E6B8: 91 A5     STA ($A5),Y     ; write in buffer
E6BA: C8        INY             ; increment buffer pointer
E6BB: 60        RTS

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