$DF66/57190:   Verify side-sector in buffer

Jump from $DEF8, $DF06:

DF66: 20 D2 DE  JSR $DED2       ; get side-sector number
DF69: C5 D5     CMP $D5         ; = number of necessary block?
DF6B: D0 0E     BNE $DF7B       ; no
DF6D: A4 D6     LDY $D6         ; pointer in side-sector
DF6F: B1 94     LDA ($94),Y     ; track number
DF71: F0 04     BEQ $DF77
DF73: 2C CD FE  BIT $FECD       ; erase bits
DF76: 60        RTS

Jump from $DF71:

DF77: 2C CF FE  BIT $FECF       ; set N-bit
DF7A: 60        RTS

Jump from $DF6B:

DF7B: A5 D5     LDA $D5         ; side-sector number
DF7D: C9 06     CMP #$06        ; 6 or greater?
DF7F: B0 0A     BCS $DF8B       ; yes
DF81: 0A        ASL
DF82: A8        TAY
DF83: A9 04     LDA #$04
DF85: 85 94     STA $94
DF87: B1 94     LDA ($94),Y     ; track number
DF89: D0 04     BNE $DF8F

Jump from $DF7F:

DF8B: 2C D0 FE  BIT $FED0       ; set N and V bits
DF8E: 60        RTS

Jump from $DF89:

DF8F: 2C CE FE  BIT $FECE       ; set V bit
DF92: 60        RTS

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