$C66E/50798:   Name of file in directory buffer

Jump from $CAC0, $D768, $EE68:

C66E: 48        PHA
C66F: 20 A6 C6  JSR $C6A6       ; get end of the name
C672: 20 88 C6  JSR $C688       ; write filename in buffer
C675: 68        PLA
C676: 38        SEC
C677: ED 4B 02  SBC $024B       ; compare length with maximal length
C67A: AA        TAX
C67B: F0 0A     BEQ $C687
C67D: 90 08     BCC $C687
C67F: A9 A0     LDA #$A0        ; pad with 'shift blank'

Jump from $C685:

C681: 91 94     STA ($94),Y
C683: C8        INY
C684: CA        DEX
C685: D0 FA     BNE $C681

Jump from $C67B, $C67D:

C687: 60        RTS

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