$C2B3/49843:   Check line length

Jump from $C160, $D7B9, $E207:

C2B3: A4 A3     LDY $A3         ; pointer to command input buffer
C2B5: F0 14     BEQ $C2CB       ; zero?
C2B7: 88        DEY
C2B8: F0 10     BEQ $C2CA       ; one?
C2BA: B9 00 02  LDA $0200,Y     ; pointer to input buffer
C2BD: C9 0D     CMP #$0D        ; 'CR'
C2BF: F0 0A     BEQ $C2CB       ; yes, line end
C2C1: 88        DEY
C2C2: B9 00 02  LDA $0200,Y     ; preceding character
C2C5: C9 0D     CMP #$0D        ; 'CR'
C2C7: F0 02     BEQ $C2CB       ; yes
C2C9: C8        INY

Jump from $C2B8:

C2CA: C8        INY             ; pointer to old value again

Jump from $C2B5, $C2BF, $C2C7:

C2CB: 8C 74 02  STY $0274       ; same line length
C2CE: C0 2A     CPY #$2A        ; compare with 42 characters
C2D0: A0 FF     LDY #$FF
C2D2: 90 08     BCC $C2DC       ; smaller, ok
C2D4: 8C 2A 02  STY $022A
C2D7: A9 32     LDA #$32
C2D9: 4C C8 C1  JMP $C1C8       ; 32, 'syntax error' line too long

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