$C1D1/49617:   Check input line

Jump from $D005, $D7FF, $ED84:

C1D1: A2 00     LDX #$00
C1D3: 8E 7A 02  STX $027A       ; pointer to drive number
C1D6: A9 3A     LDA #$3A        ; ':'
C1D8: 20 68 C2  JSR $C268       ; test line to ':' or to end
C1DB: F0 05     BEQ $C1E2       ; no colon found?
C1DD: 88        DEY
C1DE: 88        DEY
C1DF: 8C 7A 02  STY $027A       ; point to drive number (before colon)

Jump from $C1DB:

C1E2: 4C 68 C3  JMP $C368       ; get drive number and turn LED on

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